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Beach Get Aways

Go the ‘beach way’ and unwind in the cool blue …

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Explore City

Head to the most happening cities of the world that …

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Family Packages

Have you ever heard of a holiday that takes care …

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Safari Packages

A safari provides the unforgettable thrill of seeing animals freely …

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Mountain & Countryside Packages

Tall mountains, lush greenery, meandering rivers and fragrant flowers – …

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Spa Packages

Rejuvenate yourself from the stressful and nerve-racking days and enjoy …

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Historical Packages

Historical Packages - “History is a relentless master. It has …

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Scenic Packages

Travel around the world and lose yourself in the picturesque …

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Umrah Packages

Plan the purest and the most divine journey of your …

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Honeymoon Packages

Go on a romantic getaway with the love of your …

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Sea Cruise Packages

Let us plan your ‘greatest escape’ with your family and …

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Sports & Adventure Packages

Football, Ski, Tennis, Diving coming soon based on seasonality & …

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Explore and Experience Jordan

Jordan consists of natural desert landscapes of Wadi Rum, the …

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Explore and Experience Cyprus

For such a small island, Cyprus offers an amazing range …

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Hamburg, Germany

Hamburg, Germany

Hamburg truly is a metropolis which is distinguished by its unique location on the water, situated on the river Elbe and the Alster Lake. For an active and relaxing family …

AED 5550 Per Adult *


Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Holidays

Cameron Highlands & Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur is an amazing city in Malaysia with the cultural mix of communities offering diversity of festivals, food, music and its traditional roots of heritage. …

AED 4850 Per Adult *

Limassol , Cyprus

Limassol , Cyprus Holiday

Limassol in Cyprus is a 15 kilometre beach with lively city environment and beachside promenade which also houses the mediaeval museum. Troodos mountain is just a drive away and not …

AED 3450 Per Adult *


Jakarta & Bali , Indonesia

Indonesia lies between Asia and Australia with many small islands surrounding the mainland, in which lies the capital city Jakarta. Islam is the most widely practiced religion with some Buddhist …

AED 4550 Per Adult *

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